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 Convergent billing system

  • Application area

    BILL-on-NET® is powerful billing system for telecommunications, approved up to 5 million subscribers per server

  • Hardware

    The system based on x86,x64 (Intel, AMD), IA-64 (Intel Itanium) hardware plaforms with Microsoft Windows Server 2008/2012

  • Data bases

    The solution is based on Microsoft SQL Server 2008/2012 data base management system.

  • Protocols

    The system supports all main billing protocols: CAMEL, RADIUS, NetFlow, Diameter etc.

  • Customization and integration

    We specialize in projects with great works volume of custimization and integration.

  • Support

    We provide full technical support of all applications using remote access to customer's network.


Billing - process of making and sending bills to customer for services and goods.

Billing system - software applications and data bases for billing processes. In telecommunications billing system functions also include service data collecting, payment collecting, charging, balance manegement, credit control, service provisioning, customers relation management etc.

Convergent billing system (telecommunications) - billing system that enables common management of different networks, service types, traffic classes as well as different balance management methods.The convergence of balance management methods includes prepaid and postpaid. The convergence of service types includes telephony, messaging, data transfer, content access etc.The convergence of networks includes fixed, mobile, satelite networks etc.